Boost Testosterone Levels The Right Way

Boost Testosterone Levels The Right Way

boosting testosterone levels

Boosting Testosterone Levels The Right Way

As men get older we tend to lose muscle mass, gain fat and our testosterone level decreases. The future, however, is not so bleak for those of us who know what to use. 

Testagen EXT
 is an all-natural testosterone boosting product from Exclusive Pharmaceuticals. It enhances testosterone levels with Testosterone Activators, Anabolic Support Complex, and the patented Pro-EXT Testosterone Blend. This blend contains 3 major ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris, Massularia Acuminata and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). All 3 of these ingredients are natural testosterone boosters and all have been studied numerous times to determine their effects on body fat composition, libido and brain function among other factors.

Tribulus Terrestris comes from a small, leafy plant grown in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It has long been used in Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and Sudanese medicine for generations for numerous reasons, mostly to increase libido. Research compiled across 363 different studies on Tribulus Terrestris found that it has been shown to increase testosterone levels while decreasing body fat and sexual dysfunction. 

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One such study showed that after taking a daily dose for 2 months that men’s overall sexual desire increased by 79.4%! It also increased the sexual desire of 67% of the women who participated. A double-blind study was done on Australian rugby players during their preseason workout regimen to determine if a daily dose of Tribulus Terrestris would result in a positive drug test.
At the end of 5 weeks, all test subjects turned in clean samples. So not only is this natural testosterone booster effective, but it is also clean and therefore safe for athletes to use.
Massularia Acuminata comes from a plant native to the tropical regions located in the western part of Africa and has been traditionally used in Nigerian medicine for many uses. These uses include improving testosterone levels and increasing libido. It also appears to have a positive effect in relieving muscle pain and improving body fat percentage. 
Across several studies, it has been shown to increase testosterone as well as sexual desire. One such study found that each of the subjects treated with Massularia Acuminata had increased testosterone levels, were more sexually active, had longer, stronger orgasms and were able to recharge much faster than the subjects who did not.
Another study from the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2008 yielded similar results showing increases in both testosterone and testicular protein. Because of its ability to bump up testosterone levels, it has also been suggested to help fight both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
Unlike the previous two ingredients, DHEA does not come from a plant: it comes from us. DHEA is a natural hormone produced by the human body. Discovered in 1934, it was determined that DHEA is produced in the adrenal glands with peak production coming between the ages of 20 and 30. After that, unfortunately, production steadily decreases at about 5% a year.
Known as the “anti-aging hormone”, DHEA has been studied multiple times to determine its effects on the human body. One study, done in 2004, found that after 6 months of taking a daily dose that it’s subjects lost an average of 7% of their abdominal fat.
Perhaps most importantly, none of these subjects experienced any negative side effects. A study done by the Massachusetts Male Aging Study found that its subjects with the lowest levels of DHEA were at the highest risk for heart disease. Another 12-week study found that daily doses of DHEA reduced the risk for both heart attacks and strokes.
DHEA metabolizes in the body as testosterone, while also providing a sharp increase in free testosterone levels. This is why it’s been used to enhance physical performance and seems to slow the aging process. Surprisingly, it also appears to improve the overall well-being of people suffering from depression.
After taking a dose for 6 weeks, many subjects noted feeling less depressed and anxious, according to one study. Another 9-month trial also yielded positive results while showing absolutely no negative side effects.

The 3 main ingredients of Testagen EXT have several things in common 1) They are all natural 2) They all appear to increase testosterone levels 3) They have no adverse side effects. This is definitely the natural way to feel younger, stronger and healthier immediately.
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